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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bushwhack to Compton's Double Falls

     I backpacked to Compton's Double Falls in the spring. This falls is located in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness near Boxley, Arkansas. You travel 7.1miles from the start of Cave Mountain Road; by the Buffalo River bridge, to a wooden sign that says "Upper Buffalo Wilderness" on the left of the road. (Tim Ernst's guidebook Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook has a decent map). Park where you can, then take a southern compass heading down the steep hillside; at some point, you will run into Whitaker Creek flowing to your left(east/southeast). You may strike a small feeder stream running downhill also; no matter, all drain into Whitaker Creek. Then, just bushwhack down the left side of the stream until you come to the falls. Careful shooting at this falls; there is an obvious ledge on the south side of the falls where I took my image; it looks like a great place for a 40-50' fall, it's downsloping and slippery; I would hate to be on it if the ledge collapsed; it's a long, steep climb back out if you get injured! Really beautiful spot when the water is flowing well; definitely worth the hike. Image:

Compton's Double Falls

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grand Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

     Grand Geyser is possibly the most incredible geyser  in Yellowstone NP; Old Faithful is much better known  but the Grand puts on a better show, shooting up 175' violently for 10-12 minutes; when you think it's done; it starts shooting up again!  This geyser erupts about every 8 hours pretty much on schedule; it's not quite halfway up the loop hike in the Upper Geyser Basin from Old Faithful Inn; typically the schedules are posted around the area (or ask a ranger).  Image 1 Image 2 Image 3