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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hammerschmidt Falls is a 43' waterfall near Low Gap,  Arkansas  that flows into Indian Creek, which flows into the Buffalo River. Indian Creek flows through a very steep canyon; according to Tim Ernst, the Park Service records more injuries in this canyon from hikers, etc. than any other area in this region;it certainly looks steep enough for that to be the case.  You can access this falls just off of  hwy 74; either 2.4 miles east of Low Gap, or  2.8 miles west of the Kyles Landing turnoff. Either way, you start the hike by heading north  on an unsigned  dirt road by a fence (right across from the Horseshoe Canyon turnoff); there is a very pretty farm to your left as you hike downhill; the road will curve to your right(east) for a distance; when you come to a little creek, head left (north) for a short distance until you come to the top of the falls. If you walk down the rim of the small canyon below the falls, there are places to drop down to the creek; expect to get wet and muddy; during heavy rain, water will be pouring off of the entire canyon rim! Be careful; this is a great place to take a fall; also, the surrounding area looks to be private land; if you are not sure of access, call the Park Service  for more details.  next

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